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Smart Communities

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iun. 09 - 10 2022

Interval orar

8:00 am - 6:00 pm


Maison 13

Locație 2

Hotel Pullman

Despre eveniment

“Smart Communities”is part of a series of debates on smart cities, which aim to adopt advanced technologies in communities as soon as possible, for the benefit of citizens of the administration and the business environment. The event continues the Smart City Debates (14 editions organized so far), initiated and moderated by Marius Bostan entrepreneur, local development expert, former Minister of Communications and Information Society. On this occasion, we want to bring to the fore the European funding programs, as well as the way in which all the parties involved are prepared: the public administration, consultants and solution providers, who can help the development of projects on the right basis.

At“Smart Communities”event we debate and connect the representatives of the public sector with experts for the drafting and implementation of European funded projects, but also with the providers of solutions, services and equipment necessary for their development.

The business environment must be present in identifying the needs of urban communities that can be addressed through smart technologies and the continuous development of implemented services.


FIP Consulting

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