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Masterclass for software development team leads

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mai 05 - 06 2022

Interval orar

8:00 am - 6:00 pm



Despre eveniment

The Principal Developer – Masterclass for Developers

2-day masterclass for software developers, where we develop skills that every successful, effective, and trusted dev team lead needs.

About this Event

What distinguishes a software developer from a development team leader? As a team leader, you are now in charge of people, their performance, and motivation. Your output is the output of your team.

In this training, you’ll learn what does it take to be an exceptional tech leader, how to develop yourself as a leader, and how to maintain balance between leadership and technical duties. In a practical, down-to-earth style, you’ll learn how to:

Develop yourself as a technical leadBalance technical and non-technical skills

Measure your progress as a leader

Gain trust and respect

Delegate effectively

Communicate with confidence

Influence others without resorting to issuing orders

Motivate people with DRIVE

Improve team’s health

Reclaim time for coding.


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