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mai 26 2022

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The economic outlook has never been more uncertain. Energy prices, inflation, supply chain disruptions, and recently the geopolitical risk, completed by the long-term challenges like the ESG agenda, and continued digitalisation, and it’s clear that predicting what’s next and what this means for CEOs is no easy feat.

How can CEOs build on this unique moment?

CEO Conference is an authentic knowledge and experience sharing platform to discuss business evolutions, ideas, solutions, innovations, and technologies to shape the world of CEOs in the following months of unprecedented challenges.

We are challenging experienced CEOs, investors, decision-makers, future CEOs, great business thinkers, innovators, consultants, and futurists, both local and worldwide, to share insights, experiences, and real case business practices.

Recent months’ evolutions have created a massive challenge for businesses—and their CEOs – unlike any they have ever faced, forcing an abrupt dislocation of how employees work, how customers behave, how supply-chains function, and even what ultimately constitutes a business model.

Leadership is more important than ever in mobilizing the best energies, innovative skills and human capabilities to navigate uncertainty and create the best possible future for the company.

Strategies reset, align, anticipate, and adapt to the operating models that safely drive your organisation through the storm.

The biggest concern is now UNCERTAINTY – rooted in the pessimistic economic outlook generated by the multiple overlapping crises, war, trade conflicts, cyberthreats, talent scarcity and increased regulation tackling climate change, the need to adapt to market realities, and the fast-changing business environment.

Which are the proven solutions that can work? Where to look first? How to maintain control over the evolution of their business?

CEOs have now the challenge to reimagine and reset their strategies to adapt their business to a permanently changing environment.

They have zero time to lose!


  • The CEO moment, leading uncertainty and operating in crisis mode
  • Macroeconomic outlook in a period of inflation, energy and supply chain crises, and the Ukraine war’s expected impact
  • Attracting, Hiring, and Retaining Talent in the post pandemic workplace
  • Data, Digital and Customer Centricity
  • Leading Big Transformational Change
  • Money, markets evolution and main macro-financial drivers
  • What matters most? The priorities for CEOs in the next normal – managing risks, resilience, and growth in the context of the ESG requirements and evolutions
  • Bridging the Gap: Cyber resilience and business


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